3 Practical Ideas for Improving Mobility in Your Aged Care Facility
5 Sep

3 Practical Ideas for Improving Mobility in Your Aged Care Facility

As the number of people requiring aged care increases and their family’s expectations around care rise, there is mounting pressure on aged care providers to offer value-added services to improve the experience of their residents and increase the productivity of staff.

Offering technological mobility is just one example of how the day-to-day lives of both residents and staff could be improved. This could be as simple as implementing bring your own technology (BYOT) programs which allow residents to print, copy or scan from a common networked multifunction device (MFD) from their own computer, or implementing new workflows which allow staff to update resident information on the go via mobile devices.

Below are just a few practical ideas aged care facilities could implement to improve mobility.

1. Introduce a BYOT program

Implementing a BYOT program means residents can bring their own familiar technology to the facility, whether it be a computer, mobile phone or tablet. The program would then allow connectivity to your facilities network, letting residents connect with common applications or devices such as printers or MFDs. This means the resident does not have to crowd their room with a printer if they require one, and instead when they want to print something ad hoc, for example, a letter to a family member, they have permission to easily connect to a networked device, print and collect their document.

2. Connect to the cloud

Offering cloud connectivity is beneficial for both staff and residents. Fuji Xerox solutions, such as cloud print on demand, allow staff or residents to print directly from cloud-based document management systems such as Box and Office 365. This also allows staff, who may be providing in-home care, to upload documents to central repositories for printing later, if needed. Also, if a device is left at home or in the car, they do not need to retrieve it; instead, once at the MFD, they can navigate via the approved document management system to their document for printing.

(Diagram source: https://www.fujixerox.com.au/en/Products/AU-Software-Products/Cloud-On-Demand-Print)

3. Reduce paper and move to digital forms

Aged care is still a very paper intensive industry. When it comes to patient admission, medication management and incident report procedures, reliance is still placed on staff filling out and filing physical paper forms. Smart form solutions allow staff to, instead, manage these forms electronically. Then, instead of having to manually file or update your facility management system, forms and information can automatically be linked back to a patient record. This means not only mobility improvements but productivity improvements too. Forms can be accessed via mobile, tablet or computer, giving staff mobility and cutting out the need to have to print a paper form.

These are only a snapshot of the different ways mobility could benefit both aged care staff and residents. When implementing mobility solutions, it is important that adequate training and guidance is offered to staff and residents, so they are aware what is available and understand how to use the solutions properly.

How can Fuji Xerox help?

Fuji Xerox is a leading provider of print and document management solutions, currently servicing over 1,000 customers across the healthcare industry. With our experience, we can help you assess what mobility solutions would best fit your current care environment and look at ways to improve staff productivity through new solutions designed to meet the demands of a modern marketplace.

For more information on our healthcare industry solutions visit www.fujixerox.com.au or contact 13 14 12 to learn how we can help improve mobility in your facility.

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