5 must-have innovations for your next printing device
2 Feb

5 must-have innovations for your next printing device

Policies designed to make life easier for small businesses across the nation were outlined by Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison in his Budget announcement speech last year. These were reduced business taxes and simplified stock trading rules, GST accounting and PAYG arrangements.

Each are helpful initiatives, likely much appreciated by many Australian companies. The policy that’s making more of an immediate difference than any other, however, is the expansion of immediate tax deductibility for asset purchases costing less than $20,000. The  2015 policy was first put in place for businesses with annual turnover of up to $2 million, but the revamped 2016 version opened up to those with turnover up to $10 million.

“The extension of the definition of what a small business is, to a business with a turnover of up to AU$10 million, will see many more companies taking advantage of this facility,” Nick Bartik, business services manager at Bacchus Associates, told ZDNet.

“Small businesses have multiple electronic devices exempt from fringe benefit tax, and the widening of the small business definition is the key thing that is likely to make a difference to the number of electronic devices being claimed.”

An opportunity for investment

With access to these financial benefits, perhaps your business is considering joining the ranks of those investing in some new office equipment. If some of your current technology has been sitting in your office for many moons, you might be unaware of recent innovations that you should keep in mind when looking for new tools.

To help you get the best new tech possible, allow us to present five things you should be looking for in a modern multifunction printing device!


  1. Mobile printing


There’s simply no escaping the mobile revolution. Figures from BuddeComm indicate that smartphone penetration in Australia is rapidly closing in on 90 per cent, with tablets also now owned by around 60 per cent of people. The devices are common enough that it’s the people without at least one on them at all times who are the anomalies.

This unprecedented growth hasn’t gone unnoticed in the print industry, and nowadays the best device manufacturers are including support for services such as Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print as standard.


  1. Cloud support


Developing hand in hand with mobile technology, cloud-based software and storage solutions are now a huge part of our digital lives. According to Forbes, almost 80 per cent of U.S. small businesses will have fully embraced cloud computing by 2020, but the ability to do so is only made possible by having compatible equipment.

When purchasing a new multifunction device, be sure to check that it features cloud connectivity, whether through its own proprietary software or ability to directly link with services like Dropbox. Even if your organisation isn’t fully onboard with cloud services, it never hurts to future-proof.


  1. Smart modern features


The days when all an office printer was good for was outputting reams of simple documents are well behind us. Nowadays, actual printing of physical paper media may in fact be one of the lesser used functions of a device – such is the nature of the modern office.

That’s not to suggest your office should entertain the notion of living without an imaging device altogether, but instead learn what innovative new features have been developed to complement traditional printing and copying. Smarter scanning – to PDF, USB, email, folder or network – should be included as standard, and conversion to popular office software such as Microsoft Word and Excel is an excellent touch.

The way we produce and use documents has changed, and your office technology should reflect it. Find our more about a more secure, flexible and simpler way of working with Smart Work Gateway.
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