Capable solutions for small businesses
16 Jun

Capable solutions for small businesses

Running a small business is no easy task, and it’s often a constant challenge to keep things like costs and employee productivity in check. Thankfully, there are solutions available that can offer substantial operational improvements to small businesses – especially when it comes to printing

Document management

This is one of the best ways for a company to improve operations, as it offers benefits in a number of areas. Document management solutions make it easy to archive and retrieve documents, reduce the volume of prints and even boost communications. Document management solutions can be put in place in companies ranging from five employees to 50.

Going mobile

Mobility has become a critical area for businesses, as devices like smartphones and tablets have continued to proliferate over the past decade. Now, staff are turning to mobile devices for work, and businesses need to have the appropriate support in place. This means solutions like Mobile Print for Business, which makes it easy to print directly from a mobile device, without needing to log onto a computer.

Focusing on security

Finally, there’s security. This is the all-important area where small businesses need to focus, as ignoring it could lead to data breaches. These events can tarnish the reputation of a company and cause serious financial damage. With Print Security for Businesses, security is easy to handle. This solution enables businesses to control who has access to print device infrastructure and set rules for printing. These are just three of the print solutions that small businesses need to consider, as they can improve security and increase mobility. Such solutions could prove instrumental in helping a small company continue on a growth path.

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