Creating Smart Remote Learning Spaces
31 Jul

Creating Smart Remote Learning Spaces

At the recent 2018 EduTech conference there was much discussion around the role technology plays in evolving learning spaces, whether through artificial intelligence, intelligent insights or workspace design.

Ambient Computing

When components of the Internet of Things (IoT) are in place and working together intelligently, ambient computing is possible. Ambient computing occurs when the computers and electronics within our environment can sense and respond to our presence and needs. Current examples of well-known technologies that utilise ambient computing are home assistant devices such as Google Home.

Fuji Xerox’s laboratory in Palo Alto is focused on creating ambient environments that make work more efficient. One application of ambient computing in an education context was discussed in our last education blog post on innovation in managing student spaces.

Another example of ambient computing that could enhance student learning spaces is the smart workplace concept developed by Fuji Xerox’s laboratory in Palo Alto.

What is the Smart Workplace?

The Smart Workplace is an interactive, tangible and digital multimedia document and telecommunications workspace.

The Smart Workplace allows users to capture a paper document on a desktop and projects the captured image at a remote location. It is a means to not only share paper but also request services such as translation and communicate remotely through teleconference. It allows students and teachers to interact with each other in new ways via a projector and a camera (table top telepresence or TTT).

Applications of the Smart Workplace in Education

While currently only used in a business context, the Smart Workplace has the potential to be useful for students that participate in classes from remote locations.

The technology can be used to share textbook work as well as computer work with teachers and other students, allowing students and teachers to interact with each other in new ways via a projector and a camera.


Want to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about these innovative technologies and the work of Fuji Xerox PAL, you can visit their website

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