Data management through a proven solution
11 Apr

Data management through a proven solution

Information is increasing across the globe, and it’s not likely to slow down. A joint study from the EMC Corporation and the International Data Corporation (IDC)1 explained that the so-called ‘digital universe’ is set to grow by 40 per cent per year into the next decade.

In fact, by 2020, the study estimates that there will be almost as many digital bits as the total number of stars in the universe.

Organisations need effective data management strategies, especially given the value of information, and digitisation looks to be one effective solution.

The importance of effective data management

In every industry, whether it’s education or aged care, data continues to grow. In education, it’s related to things like student enrolment numbers, courses and employee pay. On the other hand, with aged care it’s about medication information and records of payments being made to and from facilities.

Effective control over this information is one of the most important undertakings for any particular organisation. A study conducted by The American Institute of CPAs2 noted that beyond just control over information, data management can prove essential in a company’s ability to generate revenue and control costs.

“Successfully being able to share, store, protect and retrieve the ever-increasing amount of data can be the competitive advantage needed to grow in today’s business environment,” the study explained.

“Management of data generally focuses on the defining of the data element, how it is structured, stored and moved.”

Organisations could find significant improvements through the introduction of digitisation solutions.

Going digital

Instead of having staff sift through significant quantities of unstructured information, with much of it irrelevant, organisations need to start thinking about a new approach. Such a solution should also account for the fact that paper is still very much a valid form of transmitting information, and usage continues to grow.

The answer? Digitisation.

This innovation can form one important part of a data management strategy, by helping organisations to effectively control paper information. With the medley of both digital and traditional information sources at play in a business, digitisation can add some measure of unification.

Digitisation can also go beyond the conversion of paper documents, and help organisations to realise a host of additional benefits.

In a Smarter with Gartner release3, the organisation noted digitisation can create and deliver new value, and not simply improve existing practices.

“Take for example a nurse’s clipboard, used for bedside patient monitoring in hospitals. Simply replacing the paper forms with tablet devices is not in itself digitisation,” the study said. “Of course there are benefits in doing this, such as faster and more accurate data entry into the electronic health record system than could be achieved with manual transcription.”

So, it’s clear that digitisation is a path forward for those organisations struggling with effective data management, but there’s another necessary course of action.

Speak with the experts

Digitisation isn’t a difficult undertaking when working with the right provider, like Fuji Xerox Australia. Having a provider beside you every step of the way means ongoing support from the moment you go ahead with the implementation of a new solution.

In turn, organisations of all sizes, and in all sectors, can start to realise the benefits of effective data management. There’s no longer a need to deal with the disparity of different information sources.

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