Digital transformation delivering business efficiency (and other benefits)
13 Jul

Digital transformation delivering business efficiency (and other benefits)

In our recent survey by Fuji Xerox Australia of the small to medium business (SMB) community (February 2018, Digital Transformation in SMB) participants flagged that operational efficiency is their key objective for transforming their business. This is at odds with many articles which focus on larger enterprises. They emphasise the focus of business on improving customer experience. Interestingly, digital transformation is often able to provide both efficiency and improved experience.

So how can a business become more efficient through digital processes?

1.Fewer manual processes. Just think of accounts payable where an invoice arrives via email or the post. Someone generally has to key the details into the accounting system, check to ensure no errors and then hit “pay”. Simple scan and extract solutions can provide digital data and systems can often be set up to drop the data in pre-defined fields. Whilst this has to be set up, once done this automates the workflow and you operational efficiencies.

2.Share data via cloud. Data can be shared with employees and customers using secure cloud repositories. This saves on postage costs but also means real time access to data and collaboration. Hopefully this translates into faster business agreements and better cashflow.

3.Secure, manage and find data more effectively. Ever had one of those days? You know you have seen some critical data but for the life of you, you can’t remember where. The filing cabinet looks like it has exploded. Your emails are too voluminous to search and you have a million other things to do. By digitising data and leveraging cloud or onsite document management systems you can search digital records more effectively, saving your time and sanity.

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