How Digital Transformation Elevates Education
26 May

How Digital Transformation Elevates Education

Digital transformation is a hot topic in any industry as companies pin their hopes in a “transformation” that will deliver efficiencies, cost savings and a better customer experience. Maybe these can be achieved but the reality is outlined in recent research by Accenture and AIIM* which shows that most companies are still largely “traditional” (paper-based processes). In fact that same research from 2015 stated that 15% of interviewed organisations had yet to begin a formal digital transformation journey.Business of Education_Fuji Xerox Australia

Education has a double challenge in running a two speed transformation across the business of education and across the business of administration. Whilst the transformation in the classroom is happening naturally, driven by digital native students, tech savvy teachers and parent expectations, the transformation in administration is happening somewhat slower. This is partly due to conscious decisions by schools to focus on their core business (learning outcomes and student welfare) and partly due to being deemed “too hard” to tackle. Next week at Edutech 2016 we will look at how digital transformation can start in simple but meaningful ways, using the wonderful work done at Trinity Grammar and Iona Presentation College as examples of how taking one step at a time can make a difference.

We hope to see you there at the conference or for more information please contact our Education Industry Team at Fuji Xerox Australia.


*Accenture Digital Evolution 2015

*AIIM IW Paper Wars 2015

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