Documents, Compliance, and Software Applications: Do YOU Know Enough to Avoid Risk?
30 Jul

Documents, Compliance, and Software Applications: Do YOU Know Enough to Avoid Risk?

Inspired by a blog originally published by Xerox dated 22nd March 2018

No matter what size your organisation, no matter what your industry — no business can afford to ignore regulatory compliance. Every market has its own constellation of industry, state, and federal compliance requirements.

Penalties for non-compliance can be severe. With so many areas within a company vulnerable to compliance mis-steps and missed steps, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Some organisations aren’t aware they’re not in compliance.

1. Software Breaks Down Workflow Barriers

Almost every aspect of compliance processing involves documents and paper. Yet paper often gets in the way of efficiency when it comes to managing documents and workflow. The paper-based compliance processes that people traditionally deal with create some of the biggest challenges – but they’re also some of the most fixable. To avoid such scenarios, and to mitigate risks at the source, Fuji Xerox have invested in developing software solutions that help businesses manage their workflow and documents better. Applying rules and policies digitally to ensure regulatory compliance.

Software applications can be combined with multifunction devices (MFDs) to eliminate manual steps from almost any kind of document workflow. At Fuji Xerox we use  “ApeosWare Management Suite 2.0” and this extra set of hands can digitise compliance workflow and make it more efficient.

2. Use Software to Lock in Compliance Workflow

Businesses must be agile to adapt compliance requirements as and when they change. One of the biggest advantages of a software-enabled compliance workflow is flexibility. You can redefine and reimagine compliance processes to suit your business, and apply them in layers of complexity, based on role, department or industry.

The benefits of having tailored software are immediate as you reduce manual errors and resource costs associated with processing paperwork.

3. Solve compliance issues by going paperless

Having control over how much is printed, what is printed and how documents then fit into broader workflows allows organisations to enforce compliance rules and policies. These controls have the benefit of both increasing employee accountability for their actions relating to print and reducing costs as fewer documents are needlessly printed.

As the leader in print and document management workflow in Asia Pacific, Fuji Xerox recognise the need for businesses to go paperless and have built our multifunction devices to give control to our customers in how they print, copy, scan and fax ‘hard paper’ and then use Fuji Xerox Solutions to share, track and store that ‘soft paper’.

In 2016, Fuji Xerox introduced the Smart Work Gateway concept to educate businesses on how best to go digital and get the maximum value from their printer investment – through mobility and connectivity to the Cloud.

No matter how you want to transform your business, Fuji Xerox is the right partner to keep you on track.

Further information on Fuji Xerox’s Software Solutions

Fuji Xerox’s ApeosWare Management Suite 2 is a print management solution that can provide integrated authentication, print output, log accounting, reporting and document distribution.


Drive efficiency and productivity

  • Improve search ability of business documents
  • Improve process productivity
  • Faster response to customers
  • Improve document security and compliance

Manage and monitor devices

  • Centralised management of devices
  • Warnings based on admin defined parameters
  • Streamline & centralise admin
  • Automatic notifications

Manage and recover costs

  • Gain a detailed view of total document processing and output usage/costs
  • Uncover hidden and unnecessary costs
  • Making users and departments accountable for their use


Learn more about Solutions and AWMS 2.0 here:

Learn more about Smart Work Gateway here:



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