How are you empowered to work differently?
8 Dec

How are you empowered to work differently?

Our work environment is ever changing. New tools are giving us new ways to collaborate in a highly connected world. As work becomes more flexible and communication more mobile, the traditional office is turning into an abstract concept. We believe workplaces should be defined by the people who occupy them, rather than the other way around.

For over 50 years, Fuji Xerox has provided solutions that are shaped by innovation and technology that adapt to the way you work. Our human need to succeed at work, how and where we want has empowered our team to create smarter ways of working. With Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway, your business can utilise our suite of communication tools that deliver flexible and diversified working environments.


Seamless Integration with Cloud Services


Imagine the potential when you can effectively bridge your physical and digital worlds. Expand into new borders with seamless connections leading to cloud services. You’re productive and responsive. Rapidly scale up your infrastructures, enhance your document exchange and strengthen your overall content management by integrating business workflows that work for your team – wherever they are.


Uncompromising Mobile Security


Operate in the new world tailored to your needs – where your environment is flexible, with seamless connectivity so you can truly be more mobile, with the freedom to work from anywhere. At rest, in transit or in storage, with Smart Work Gateway, your data is safe at every point of its journey allowing your team to collaborate securely.


Sophisticated Document Workflow


Streamline how work gets done, boost productivity, enhance the customer experience, and securely exchange content at your workplace with both your employees and external sources. Tighten up information handling so every member of your team can be given seamless access to information without the risk of data breaches.


Simplified Management


Simplify everyday tasks so you can focus on running your business. Be it new work practices, operational imperatives or aspirational goals, our technology allows you to stay in total control of your assets and maintain a comprehensive view of your business operations.

In this digital revolution, a growing number of companies have committed to re-imagining their workspace, equipping it with Smart Work Gateway tools that boost not only productivity, but also improve satisfaction of business partners and customers.

Embrace your future of positive outcomes by watching our video and engaging in the conversation. Encourage your organisation to find flexible, smarter ways of working
using a Smart Work Gateway.

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The next generation of work opens the door to new opportunities and challenges. The workplace of tomorrow will be a transformed place where greater mobility, increased innovation, collaboration and employee flexibility will be key drivers of change. At Fuji Xerox Australia we help businesses integrate data, documents and business processes and turn tomorrow’s documents into knowledge. Nextwork explores the dawn of the ‘new working world’ and how we can successfully harness the opportunities and mitigate the challenges of tomorrow.

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