Fuji Xerox and other international business leaders speak out on carbon offsetting
3 Dec

Fuji Xerox and other international business leaders speak out on carbon offsetting

At this year’s COP21 global climate change negotiations in Paris, the role of business in meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets is centre stage. In advance of the conference nine international business leaders  – Aviva, The Dow Chemical Company, Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD),  The Edge Picture Company, Fuji Xerox, Raptim Humanitarian Travel, La Macioche and Sky Television, came together to speak out about why they take action offsetting carbon emissions. The video conveying our position is being shared via a video at COP21 side events hosted by IETA/ICROA.

It is through the Fuji Xerox Australia partnership with Climate Friendly that we are associated with ICROA. Climate Friendly is the ICROA member we purchase our carbon offsets in support of the Cape York, Australia and Kariba, Zimbabwe projects through the sale of our Business and Green Wrap Pure 100 paper supplies.

‘While carbon offsets are not a singular solution to the challenges Climate Change presents we see them as a valuable element of our portfolio of initiatives’ – Robbie Brown, Sustainability Manager, Fuji Xerox Australia.

Industry leaders talk about the benefits of carbon offsetting

To see the video and to read more see: https://icroa.wildapricot.org/offsetting/offsetting

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