Future of Work 2023: Digital Ready
18 Dec

Future of Work 2023: Digital Ready

Schools are not immune to the changing workplace, with more back office processes such as finance and records management being automated and robotic process automation inserting into mundane data entry activities.

The future may mean different technologies, flexible work policies and even contracting styles but many of the early changes in technology are easy to do and may well already be in place.

So how can you enhance the technology you use today and prepare for the possibilities of tomorrow. Below is the 4-step process we use when we talk to our customers about the starting point for streamlining organisations in preparation for the future workplace.

Reaching digital readiness!

To start on the “digital ready” journey you need to take just two simple steps:

Assess and optimise your current technology and data. Check if your current technology is stable, easy to use and can it be optimised. By optimising your office technology, you not only make it easy to manage but you may find cost savings which can be reinvested in more forward-thinking projects, including cloud integration.

Integrate and automate simple processes. Multi-function devices already have the essential tools for digitising data (scan). More than that, most print/copy/scan devices have basic workflow capabilities to send data to email systems or cloud repositories.

Once you have set off on the path to digital readiness, it’s time to contemplate how the next few years will impact your workplace, your work processes and your workers. The next few blog posts explore each of these topics in more detail.

To read Fuji Xerox’s recent whitepaper on the future of work, titled Co-Work or No Work: The realities of the future of work, visit our website https://www.fujixerox.com.au/en/Co-Work-or-No-Work-Whitepaper


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