Future of Work 2023: Introduction
5 Dec

Future of Work 2023: Introduction

What does the future of work in 2023 look like? As Fuji Xerox straddles the analogue and digital data world, the familiar and the future, we think now is an ideal time to look at what the future of work may be.

To explore this question, we have divided the future of work into three focus areas; the future workforce, the future workplace and the future work processes.

The future worker will most likely be self-employed and will contract to perform short-term tasks. This will create a Gig economy where temporary positions are common, allowing workers to globalise their skills. The Gig economy is already a reality for many workers, with 34% operating in this way today. By 2023, self-employed workers are expected to make-up 45% of the workforce.

In line with the gig economy, an increasing drive for flexibility, balanced with the fact humans are still social animals, will mean the physical workplace does not go away, its composition will just change. Co-working spaces will grow in importance.

Technology will be a significant driver of the changing workplace. An impending fourth industrial revolution fuelled by concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) will impact the way we go about our work. Gartner predicted that 1 in 5 workers engaged in primarily routine tasks will rely on AI to get work done. Machine, however, will not replace human, instead, human and machine will collaborate to create additional value for both business and consumers.

One of the biggest impacts on the move towards future work, will be on current business models/processes. For example, many customer service functions are moving from telephonic and email support as primary mechanisms to chatbots. Again, technology and human will not work in isolation, with human and machine sharing tasks based on their skills and capabilities. The productivity gains from automation will vary across industries.

Acting now!

The move to the future workplace is not going to be one smooth process. It will take time, and different organisations will propel themselves into the future at different paces. With digital transformations already in progress and a new generation entering the workforce, organisations need to start setting themselves up for a successful future, now. There are three critical things that organisations can start today: assess and optimise their environment, integrate with key business systems and automate and simplify processes

To read Fuji Xerox’s recent whitepaper on the future of work, titled Co-Work or No Work: The realities of the future of work, visit our website https://www.fujixerox.com.au/en/Co-Work-or-No-Work-Whitepaper

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