Helping SMB’s manage costs and spend wisely
13 Jul

Helping SMB’s manage costs and spend wisely

In a recent survey by Fuji Xerox Australia of the small to medium business (SMB) community (February 2018, Digital Transformation in SMB), SMB’s said that managing costs was even more important to them than growing their business.

This priority reflects a broader shaky business confidence in the Australian economy. In a research piece published January 2018, SMB specialists Cameron research stated “Business owners often express surprise as to how positive the ‘numbers’ in their business are because they FEEL that business is tough and they ARE having to work hard to achieve good outcomes”

That is why we advise our SMB customers to spend wisely when they do have to spend, and maximise returns on capital outlay. Our three top points are:-

  1. When buying equipment, ensure it is multi-purpose. 46% of our respondents did not feel that print would be impacted in the next couple of years. If they still have to print and are buying printers, then we recommend they invest in multi-function devices (MFD). This enables business to scan and digitise documents as well as print and, if used correctly, colour devices can create high quality marketing material for sales.
  2. Set up the technology to minimise costs. Every MFD has options for printing greyscale and duplex by default. These settings, along with print-on-demand solutions minimise wastage of paper and toner.
  3. Where possible, go digital. Our survey revealed that 60% of SMB have not started or are only at early stages of digital transformation. This would mean they have significant manual processes and a large quantity of paper being used around the business. By scanning and digitising documents and managing through cloud or onsite document management solutions, the amount of paper can be reduced. This also makes data easy to search through digital search tools. Those businesses who have started to digitise have picked simple processes such as marketing and customer contact and some basic accounts processes, all of which digital scans can be directed to.

In the long run, by spending wisely small and medium businesses can also equip themselves to move data and processes into the digital world for a more efficient business.

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