How do you know when to replace your multifunction device?
13 Jun

How do you know when to replace your multifunction device?

Most of us take our multifunction printers for granted. They sit in the corner and work when we need them… until they don’t! When we can’t print our reports, invoices and presentations it means the difference between winning new business or bringing cash into the bank. But an ineffectual device can impact your business in other ways.

So how do you know when to replace your multifunction device?

1.Your print costs are higher than they should be.

As organisations grow and change they often acquire new technology but the old devices are still lying around (phones, laptops and even printers). If you have two or three old printers think about consolidating into a single multifunction device. This means one set of consumables and the opportunity to upgrade features such as mobile and wireless printing, print from and scan to cloud systems or even into your core business systems. The newer multifunction devices also offer tools to manage and track your printing habits to help you make decisions using settings such as duplex or monochrome. And if you are spending money on service calls, then it’s definitely time to look at a newer device with more proactive management tools and reliability.
2.Your device isn’t as secure as it could be.

A 2017 report from in USA showed that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. One of the most surprising vulnerabilities? The office printer! If your printer doesn’t have these security features built-in, it may be time to consider a newer multifunction device.

  • The device and all its printing can be secured by a PIN or other authentication processes. No more potentially sensitive documents lying unsecured at the device.
  • Print encryption. Sensitive data that is sent to the printer without encryption leaves you vulnerable to hackers. File encryption protects your data as it moves, ensuring it is safe from creation to the destination.
  • Password protected scanning. By allowing unrestricted scanning, you’re potentially making sensitive information available to the wrong parties. A smart MFD gives you the choice to manage access and settings.

3.It’s not mobile, cloud and automated workflow ready.

For a productive, efficient office, your team needs to be able to connect and print from any device, anywhere, and at any time. The latest mobile print solutions make printing from any mobile device efficient and seamless.

Your multifunction device should also let you scan to and print from cloud services like One Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Fuji Xerox offers several multifunction devices to suit any business and our Smart Work Gateway solutions provide the cloud and mobility solutions to share, access, scan and print essential documents securely. Visit us at

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