Managed print services helping educators move forward
30 Jan

Managed print services helping educators move forward

When it comes to streamlining workflows in the education sector, there are few areas as ripe for improvement as the document and imaging departments. In primary, secondary and tertiary education, vast quantities of paperwork need to be distributed between departments, students, teachers and administrators.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) notes that there are over 3.7 million students enrolled in schools across the nation, while university enrollments make up a further 1.3 million according to the Australian Education Network. With so many people participating in the education sector, obviously managing certain systems can become pretty hectic.


Managed print services growing in popularity


To cope with often demanding print solutions, many organisations are choosing to bring in the services of qualified partners to help with their document needs. The International Data Corporation (IDC) found that managed print services (MPS) had developed into a US$551.4 million market in Australia and New Zealand in 2014, achieving significant year-on-year growth.

There are a number of reasons why moving to a MPS is a smart move for organisations such as education providers, from increased security over documents, cutting down on hardware issues and reducing waste. According to Quocirca, however, one of the key drivers is cost reduction.

In its Market Landscape of 2015, the research firm found that survey respondents using MPS reported average savings of 26 per cent across the year. With large volumes of document production common for education providers, making this kind of saving can have a huge impact on budgeting.


Trimming back devices for greater efficiency


Bringing in the services of an expert print management partner can mean more than just improving day-to-day operations, however. Sometimes overhauling an entire print room strategy is necessary to achieve optimal levels of efficiency in your organisation.

When Genazzano FCJ College found itself under pressure when it came to the document needs of its staff and 1,100 students, action needed to be taken quickly to streamline workflows. With 150 printing devices for just 180 staff, it became apparent that paring back some of their equipment was a good place to start.

“An initial audit was undertaken and we found that every second desk had a printer,” said Mark Glover, Genazzano FCJ College business manager.

“It was difficult to keep track of it all because there were a lot of standalone machines, and they weren’t all networked.”

Somewhat swamped by the undertaking required to bring its systems into line, the college reached out to Fuji Xerox for help. To get their new print room underway, a fleet of new printers and multifunction devices were installed, all networked so their use could be monitored much more easily.


Delivering the speed educators need


At certain times of the year, the pressure on education providers ramps up to particularly challenging levels, with the beginning terms and semesters a particularly good example. As newly enrolled students arrive by the barrel full, keeping up with printing can obviously be difficult.

Such was the case at the University of Newcastle, which upgraded its print centre with the help of Fuji Xerox in 2011. While the majority of its document needs were previously carried out by commercial printers, it was thought that bringing the capability under their own roof would be beneficial.

The new print centre, equipped, managed and staffed by Fuji Xerox Australia, quickly proved its worth, producing 12,000 copies each of 95 course readers in the first weeks of operation. The university estimates that the new solution saved 32 per cent on the course readers alone, a cost reduction that would continue as the year progressed.

It’s easy to see the savings that can be made for education providers that transition to Managed Print Services. Speak to Fuji Xerox today about how your organisation can experience some of these benefits.








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