Managing your worst nightmare – sensitive data being shared inappropriately.
13 May

Managing your worst nightmare – sensitive data being shared inappropriately.

Here is a situation that you may have experienced – a report that should be sent to a particular person and, due to its sensitive nature, cannot be shared beyond that point. But we have a sneaking suspicion that the report has been emailed, printed or faxed beyond that point. Or, years later, way past it’s use-by-date, it’s still available in that email system.

Fuji Xerox has introduced FinalCode, a rights management system that enables you to track, secure and manage documents. This goes way beyond just password-protecting a document into being able to trace readership and sharing and being able to revoke rights or timebomb access.

FinalCode for  multi-function devices – gives you an unprecedented level of control. You not only determine who can access the file, you specify exactly whether or not they can edit, copy or print it. Permissions can be scaled as required, eliminating the need for multiple security systems. If pre-set requirements are not met, access is automatically denied. You are notified of all unauthorised attempts, giving you total peace of mind.

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