Modernising your healthcare environment
31 Aug

Modernising your healthcare environment

Modernising your healthcare environment

The Australian Digital Health Agency has set the strategy to create “safe, seamless and secure: evolving health and care to meet the needs of modern Australia.” This will drive the need for digital transformation across healthcare providers.

What is digital transformation?

The whitepaper, The Journey of Digital Transformation, notes that digital transformation is a complete change in the way that organisations conduct business, it is a change in people, process and technology with the aim of becoming more engaging, more efficient and more sustainable.

While this may sound overwhelming, you do not need to transform everything at once, specific areas that you feel would benefit the most from digitalisation can be selected first.

Improving the patient experience through digital transformation

#1 Patient Experience

After speaking with our customers, Fuji Xerox Australia found improving the experience of patients and their families emerged as a clear priority for healthcare providers – whether they be hospitals, general practitioners or aged care providers. Patient experience is also a key pillar of the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) strategy with the aim to “improve patient experience by putting the patient at the centre of their healthcare, and keeping people out of hospital”.

With this direction and increasing expectations of patients and their families to have digital experiences similar to those in other areas of their life, now seems like the perfect time for healthcare providers to start planning and thinking about digital transformation.

Where to begin?

Numerous healthcare providers have already made steps to digitise some of their workflows to improve patient experience, which is evidenced by the results of a recent ADHA survey of healthcare providers but there is still a lot of work to be done. It shows that the interest is there but that providers have not made the step in many instances from being interested in using technologies to actually implementing new technologies.

Digital solutions Interest

 Diagram: Current use and interest in using digital solutions, by Activity. Source: ADHA

Insights from an international survey of healthcare organisations conducted by McKinsey suggests three steps that healthcare organisations can take on their journey towards digitalisation. These steps put the patient and their experience at the centre of the digitalisation journey.

Step 1. Understand what your patients really want and the best way to give it to them

Step 2. Segment services according to basic criteria such as investment required and value created. Along with considering the need for change. This can allow the implementation of a few ‘quick wins’ to build engagement and momentum for greater change

Step 3. Add new services to keep patient attention and build value


How Fuji Xerox Australia can help?

Fuji Xerox Australia has experience in helping healthcare organisations to modernise their processes, no matter how big or small.

Step 1. Audit: Fuji Xerox Australia is able to help by conducting an audit of your current approach. This will help your organisation to identify which workflows will feel the most immediate benefits of digitalisation.

Step 2. Optimise: Ensure you have an optimised technology environment to support new processes and free up capital for investment

Step 3. Prioritise: Implement process improvements that address patient experience first. This could mean more effective patient registration up front to make essential data available across the treatment lifecycle.

If you would like to learn more about how digital transformation could benefit your organisation, please contact the Fuji Xerox Australia Healthcare Industry Team.

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