Pioneering a Smarter Way of Working—and Living
27 Apr

Pioneering a Smarter Way of Working—and Living

It’s often said that businesses should focus on tailoring products and services to meet the highly individual needs of the end consumer. These days, that concept is being revolutionised to include tailoring of workspaces and workflows to suit highly individual employee needs..

workplace chaos and complexity are easily issues of the past with Smart work Gateway

The fact is, as the marketplace becomes increasingly fast paced and more complex, businesses that can give their employees maximum flexibility and support in such an environment are the best placed to succeed. This is exactly where our new concept—the Smart Work Gateway (SWG)—enters the picture.

The idea behind it is simple: Support your employees’ diverse work styles so they can perform to their best. With SWG, your business can create a fully customised document services platform that allows users to integrate and manage multiple documents, multifunction devices and tools anytime, anywhere. Best of all, our system is scalable, so you can adjust and extend the capabilities of the platform as needs evolve over time.

Smart Work Gateway leverages four of Fuji Xerox’s cutting edge technologies:


Seamless Integration with Cloud Services


Business productivity these days depends entirely on staff being able to work anywhere at any time. By freeing staff from the confines of the physical workspace, businesses can achieve more results in less time as employees can work at the times and places that suit their individual rhythms best.

SWG provides users with maximum flexibility by enabling single sign-on access to multiple cloud systems through the Cloud Service Hub. The platform allows users to connect directly with storage systems such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, and Salesforce, as well as a host of cloud connection service partners such as Box, Concur, etc. In a nutshell, users get unparalleled access to the widest number of cloud storage systems currently available!


Uncompromising Mobile Security


Smart work Gateway Maximises your performance and productivityWorkplace and work time flexibility are often gained at the price of business security. A whopping 67 percent of information technology professionals employed in 2000 companies worldwide indicated in a survey that they believed their organisations had suffered data breaches as a result of remote mobile device access to company information. With SWG, employees can enjoy complete peace of mind as all data exchanges and transfers on the system are protected by robust and reliable security measures that include encrypted data transmission, advanced security software, and user privacy protocols.

This security extends to even data transfers done on smart devices using Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies, so that employees can print documents directly—and securely—from their mobile devices without having to rely on a desktop terminal.


Sophisticated Document Workflow


full benefits of virtual data exchanges and transfers with smart work gatewayA fast-paced marketplace means opportunities and challenges crop up at the most unexpected times. Businesses therefore need to acquire the ability to respond to unforeseen situations and make critical decisions on the go without having to physically convene key decision-makers. SWG grants users precisely this kind of agility with cloud-based document sharing solutions that allow employees to securely exchange data with clients, partners, vendors, and other critical stakeholders, in automated workflows.


Simplified Workflow Management


Gain opportunities and save time and effort with smart work gatewayIncreased device complexity typically requires a greater expenditure of time and energy on equipment maintenance. While most businesses tend to limit their notion of technology costs to the expenses made at the point of acquisition, American IT research and advisory firm Gartner reveals that a shocking 80 percent of IT costs actually occur after the initial purchase. SWG gives all the benefits of technology without the costs with Fuji Xerox Direct and our Management Console—a platform that allows a business’s technical support staff to easily manage multiple devices from one single interface. Applications can be downloaded and installed from a central location and can even be done remotely so that support staff operate even while on the move.

Smart work gateway gets more admin and maintenance work done in less time

Smart Work Gateway is a new way of working benefiting stakeholders all around. For businesses, it helps redesign, reorganise, and streamline communications and operations to achieve higher productivity and a more robust bottom-line. For employees, it facilitates  a better work-life balance without sacrificing performance by boosting work style flexibility and removing geographic barriers. Finally, for customers, it allows faster responses and a better overall experience.

Setting a new benchmark in usability, Smart Work Gateway is the employee and customer-centric approach to transforming the work environment.


Find out about more secure, flexible and simpler ways of working with Smart Work Gateway.
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