Practical Steps to Secure your Print Environment
20 Aug

Practical Steps to Secure your Print Environment

In our previous post, we explored why print security matters. In this post, part two in our series, we provide some practical tips to help businesses who are wondering where to begin when it comes to securing their device.

1. Know your risk. It is necessary to understand the possible causes of data breach, information loss or misuse. By completing a risk assessment, your business can understand the gaps that need to be filled to help implement security improvements.

2. List your priorities by importance and time. Identify which aspects of device security are most important for your business to address first. Dividing these into three buckets will help you to prioritise: Must have (critical) within 1 – 3 months, good to have (enhancements) within 3-12 months and should have (futuristic improvements or enablers) within 12 – 18 months.

3. Check your existing printers or MFDs. Once your priorities have been documented, you need to check your existing fleet of devices to see if they are providing your business with the best functionality based on your needs. If you have legacy devices, then they may not be as intuitive or responsive to the changing demands of technology and potentially expose your business to security risks.

4. Review your network connection and anti-virus software. It is good to consult with your existing network connection provider and your IT Manager (or third-party management company) to check your anti-spam and anti-virus protection is up to date and enabled through your entire network, including your printers and MFDs.

5. Evaluate, amend and implement device security rules and policies. Once you have evaluated what needs to be addressed by your business, then it is good practice to review your print rules, policies and procedures to make sure they are adequate. This may take some time, but it is critical that businesses have visibility over (a) what types of documents are being printed, (b) how the documents are printed and (c) who has access to these documents as they move through business workflows. Policies should then be amended accordingly.

6. Educate staff on correct use. Communication is key. As everyone in your business is responsible for print security, it is your responsibility to ensure that your staff is educated on best practice use of your business’ printers or MFDs.

7. Prepare for the future. With workflow automation, artificial intelligence and the internet of things predicted to become a more prevalent part of work life in the coming years, businesses that have undergone their digital transformation will have a competitive advantage. However, new and different types of security threats will need to be taken into consideration.

For more in-depth guidance, view our whitepaper ‘Why Security Matters’.

How Fuji Xerox can help

As a leader in print and document management workflow in Asia Pacific, Fuji Xerox recognise the need for businesses to go paper-less and have built our multifunction devices to have the capabilities to give control to our customers of how they print, copy, scan and fax ‘hard paper’ and then use Fuji Xerox Solutions to share, track and store ‘soft paper’.

With Fuji Xerox Australia’s security solutions, we can help add a layer of control to your existing business processes that involve both paper and electronic documents. Minimise manual processes, decision making and uncontrolled access to information, reducing the risk of human error and improving operational efficiencies.

Fuji Xerox Australia can help organisations adapt to meet new demands and utilise new technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

For more information visit or contact 13 14 12.

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