Step by Step Digital Transformation after EduTech
2 Jun

Step by Step Digital Transformation after EduTech

Pam Fleming - Fuji Xerox Australia
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I loved Edutech this year with exciting presentations about how the digital world can change your brain (Baroness Susan Greenfield) and insights from students who have created their own apps/followers/companies all whilst studying for significant exams. But I was struck by the focus on classroom digital transformation. I do understand that that is where the school’s core business lies but digital transformation in administration is equally important and the flow of data and information between the two business areas is critical for improving student experience and learning outcomes. Imagine that your budding entrepreneur registers for your school and you have captured all that information upfront in your application process. Your teachers can create an environment for freedom of thinking and collaboration to enhance these projects and other students could contribute to the process. And what about hooking them up with parent mentors who may be small business people or advisors.

This is what addressing the digital transformation of your back office processes could provide… digital applications and registration, data on students from all sorts of sources that could be analysed and used for proactive engagement, cross pollination of skills.

To be honest I did feel like a kill joy, following all the funky presentations on digital education and the power of digital experiences in the classroom. But I like to think that my presentation on “step by step digital transformation” in the business of administering a school is a more functional view of how every school can not only be more efficient but can get their data ready to work harder in delivering exceptional education outcomes … ready for future thinking.

In our next Blog I will give a quick rundown on what we see as the steps to digital transformation of school administration.

The Digital Journey

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