31 Oct

Digitalisation and the new school of document management

Digitalisation and the new school of document management

With the rapid uptake of computing devices since the beginning of the current digital age, it’s becoming increasingly clear that traditional document use and storage is something of a relic for some organisations. For those who need to keep a large amount of customer or member information on hand and accessible, for instance, the days of filing cabinets and manila folders are becoming a thing of the past. From a cost, accessibility and organisational standpoint, transitioning to a digital document solution makes sense. An entire room’s worth of papers can now easily be stored on hard drives smaller than a deck of cards – or more commonly nowadays in the cloud, meaning physical …

About nextwork

The next generation of work opens the door to new opportunities and challenges. The workplace of tomorrow will be a transformed place where greater mobility, increased innovation, collaboration and employee flexibility will be key drivers of change. At Fuji Xerox Australia we help businesses integrate data, documents and business processes and turn tomorrow’s documents into knowledge. Nextwork explores the dawn of the ‘new working world’ and how we can successfully harness the opportunities and mitigate the challenges of tomorrow.

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