22 Mar

How to reduce printing costs in your organisation

How to reduce printing costs in your organisation

The business world is evolving, and has changed significantly in the past few years. In all sectors, whether education, government, retail or legal, businesses are making the transition to a digital way of doing business and often forgoing more traditional channels, services and systems to take advantage of the benefits afforded by new technologies. Cloud-based desktops, voice over IP and automation mean an organisation can become far more efficient whilst controlling and reducing operating costs. However, there is one area that continues to represent an opportunity for cost control, and that is printing. It’s time to starting thinking about reducing printing costs and managing print services in your organisation. Documents are information – and are still essential …

About nextwork

The next generation of work opens the door to new opportunities and challenges. The workplace of tomorrow will be a transformed place where greater mobility, increased innovation, collaboration and employee flexibility will be key drivers of change. At Fuji Xerox Australia we help businesses integrate data, documents and business processes and turn tomorrow’s documents into knowledge. Nextwork explores the dawn of the ‘new working world’ and how we can successfully harness the opportunities and mitigate the challenges of tomorrow.

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