5 Dec

Old habits die hard: Reassessing paper versus digital

Old habits die hard: Reassessing paper versus digital

In the modern business landscape, “evolve or die” seems a generally accepted maxim. Technology marches us towards a fully digital future with increasing speed every year, and there’s little room in the market for companies who remain set in their ways, unable or unwilling to move with the times. Few areas of the office have felt the touch of digitalisation more than documentation and imaging. Computers, tablets and even smartphones have sought to replace physical pen-and-paper processes and have quickly become the default tools for creating and sharing written information. There’s little substitute for the convenience offered by new innovations, but are these means of communicating actually as effective as their traditional counterparts? Some …

About nextwork

The next generation of work opens the door to new opportunities and challenges. The workplace of tomorrow will be a transformed place where greater mobility, increased innovation, collaboration and employee flexibility will be key drivers of change. At Fuji Xerox Australia we help businesses integrate data, documents and business processes and turn tomorrow’s documents into knowledge. Nextwork explores the dawn of the ‘new working world’ and how we can successfully harness the opportunities and mitigate the challenges of tomorrow.

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