Taking advantage of cost management solutions
11 Apr

Taking advantage of cost management solutions

Focusing on reducing operational costs is something all businesses prioritise, but there’s a good chance that many organisations aren’t addressing a golden area of opportunity: printing.

This is an essential part of operations for nearly every modern business, but without attention it’s prone to significant bloat as well as cost overruns. Now, it’s time to have a think about new cost management solutions.

Streamlining through software

Taking advantage of new software can help organisations to streamline and reduce costs, while eliminating the need for expensive onsite hardware installations and ongoing maintenance.

A paper released by GreenPrint Technologies1 noted the importance of streamlining, both as a way of cutting costs and ensuring that the business has an adequate focus on sustainability.

“Although it is likely that most companies are aware that a lot of paper is used and wasted within their organisations, it is not as likely that they have a handle on the actual costs,” the paper noted.

In a similar report, The Cost of Managing Paper: A Great Incentive to Go Paperless!2, efficiency expert K.J. McCorry explained that implementing paper-reduction measures could help businesses to realise significant savings, cutting down paper costs in the office by around 20-25 per cent.

“Storage of documents is [a] high cost associated with paper. In my own research I’ve found that, depending on quality and brand, filing cabinets can be expensive, running as high as $1,000 for a sturdy standard five-drawer lateral filing cabinet,” Ms McCorry said.

The answer? New and highly capable software solutions that can easily address these cost issues, and open the door for further improvements.

A look at two solutions

There are a number of capable offerings available to help organisations reduce operational costs when it comes to printing, but two solutions excel both in terms of ease of use and effectiveness. Let’s take a look at Image Gateway for Apeos along with Mobile Print for Business.

1) Image Gateway for Apeos

Designed for the ApeosPort range of devices, this tool is extremely useful for managing the use of documents. Utilising a number of different modules, Image Gateway for Apeos enables organisations to assemble a tailored solution that meets the unique needs of the business.

While such a modular approach may sound messy and disparate, it’s actually integrated and capable of streamlining document workflow, bringing down costs and easily managing document security.

2) Mobile Print for Business

The second option is one that’s designed to deal with the proliferation of mobile devices, certainly one trend that’s showing no immediate sign of slowing in the near future.

In fact, International Data Corporation3 estimates that the global smartphone market grew 13 per cent year over year in the second quarter of this year, with over 341 million shipments. It’s easy to see why such a solution is so useful.

Mobile Print for Business means it’s easy to equip various mobile devices, whether they’re running Android, iOS or Windows Phone, with the tools required to print. After the solution has been set up, staff can easily print from mobile devices.

To start focusing on reducing operational costs by using capable new cost management software solutions, it’s important to reach out to a provider that delivers the necessary level of support. Fuji Xerox Australia can deliver both the required software solutions and ongoing updates and consultations.

Organisations can then use software solution that’s both more than capable of meeting business needs and growing in line with the company. Reach out today to learn more.



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