The advantages of XMPie StoreFlow
4 Mar

The advantages of XMPie StoreFlow

Web-to-print (W2P) is a something that cannot be ignored, especially given the benefits of a successful implementation.

However, print service providers need capable, dependable W2P solutions, especially to avoid running into issues down the track.

These W2P solutions need to keep costs and maintain a high level of customer service while dealing with time-consuming quote processes, the need for accurate order entry and disparate workflows.

The importance of W2P

In a W2P survey hosted by the Printing Industries Association of Australia in 2014, it was noted that a number of companies now derive a proportion of their revenue from W2P services – with 9 per cent noting that W2P accounted for over 50 per cent of revenue.

Obviously, choosing the right W2P solution is important.

This is where a solution like XMPie StoreFlow comes into play. This is a tool that has been designed for print providers, in-plant production facilities and other service providers to service the growing needs of customers.

Why choose XMPie StoreFlow?

XMPie StoreFlow redefines the traditional W2P workflow that organisations may be familiar with by improving upon several key areas.

Firstly, it offers an out-of-the-box solution – with a convenient web portal that customers can access 24/7. This helps to streamline the order acquisition, production and fulfilment processes.

What’s more, this XMPie enables printers to drive variable data printing and even order personalised email campaigns so they can grow their business faster with FreeFlow Core included as standard, streamline ordering to production enables printers to increase Print volume whilst lowering operational costs.

The last point to note is that it’s a modular solution scalable to the demands of the company. This is facilitated by an optional software development kit that makes it simple to add additional features.

There’s really no better option for print service providers, especially given the importance of W2P.

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