Understanding activity based working
16 Jun

Understanding activity based working

With so many innovative new ways of running an office, it can difficult to nail down the methods that actually work.

Activity based working (ABW), however, could be one of the best options for companies – with processes designed to boost staff productivity and communication.

What is activity based working?  

ABW is a strategy designed to give workers a choice of setting when they need to accomplish tasks. Instead of the one desk or cubicle per worker, ABW means establishing various areas for different tasks.

There might be a standing desk for meetings, couches for more informal chats or large tables for working on computers. This isn’t a hot desking program, however, as there are no uniform workspaces.

With no set desks or workspaces, people work in the places most suitable to accomplish the task at hand – whether that’s a phone meeting with a client or drafting a project with colleagues.

What are the benefits?

ABW offers a number of unique working benefits, including greater freedom for workers and breaking down the traditional silos of a standard office. What’s more, it represents the latest in modern work practice.

Most notably, however, are the benefits for the business as a whole. By removing set locations and desks for workers, it’s easy to scale the workspace based on the number of employees.

For example, if more staff are taken onboard it’s easy to expand the available work spaces – there’s no need for a large reshuffling on the office.

It’s certainly a good idea to consider ABW, especially given the extensive benefits of the method. Of course, businesses will have to manage the transition carefully.

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