Working Folder

Working Folder

Working Folder


Working Folder is a cloud document management service from Fuji Xerox for SMB's.

Working Folder provides a simple document management environment, especially when used with other compatible Fuji Xerox products such as Multifunctional Devices, Docushare and Docuworks.

Help empower your mobile workforce with Working Folder.

Working Folder can be accessed from anywhere through an online web browser, personal computer (PC), compatible Fuji Xerox multifunction devices or mobile devices. With simple drag and drop operation, users can upload, download, edit, move, delete and search for documents all in a cloud environment.

Respond to your customers faster with Working Folder.

Scans or faxes from a compatible Fuji Xerox multifunction device can be automatically routed for immediate action — to digitise/convert, print or store.

  • Simple Document Management Solution in the Cloud
    Affordable, easy-to-use, entry level document management service for SMBs who are want to reduce IT investment to assist cashflow but need business grade availability and data protection to enable a mobilised workforce.
  • Document Collaboration from anywhere
    Provide authorised, yet flexible, collaborative work environments with internal and external stakeholders
  • Document Digitisation and back again
    Capture paper documents and immediately digitise inbound fax transmissions for instant delivery to the cloud for easier information sharing and access — anywhere, anytime.
  • Mobilise your office
    Save time and money with a mobile office at your fingertips — provide authorised access to edit and manage business documents from iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.
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Document & Content Storage

  • Manage and share digitised paper or electronic documents easily between employees and authorised external collaborators (suppliers, customers, etc)
  • Prevent information leakage and loss with a centralised repository of your business information
  • Quickly and easily access documents and information anywhere, anytime.
  • Control access to sensitive documents/information

Cloud Service

  • No Capital Investment is required for IT Infrastructure
  • Operational expense, greatly assists cash flow
  • No requirement for technical or IT experts
  • Reduces complexity of document management

File Sharing/Collaboration

  • Increase speed and efficiency of information sharing and decision making
  • Faster response to customers enquiries with simple search/retrieval of your documents
  • Access the latest version of a document anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce reliance upon email to send/store large attachments, saving costs/time in managing your inbox.

Web Browser Access

  • Immediate access to information from any Internet connected device
  • Support for a wide range of computing environments ? Windows, Macintosh, Linux desktop(s) and mobile platforms like Apple iOS and Android.
  • Conveniently uploaded/downloaded, edit, move and delete documents from a Web browser
  • Administrator and manage users, view logs and perform other management activities from Web browser

Access from SmartPhones/Tablets

  • Empower mobile workers with immediate access to company information and documents whilst out-of-the-office using the latest Andriod/iOS mobile devices
  • Enable access to information 24x7, anywhere/anytime
  • Leverage mobile technology such as cameras to easily upload photos stored on the Android / iOS device to Working Folder for rapid response.
  • Review and comment documents on-the-road with DocuWorks Viewer Light (FREE) for iPhone/iPad

Multifunction Device Integration

  • Leverage your technology investment by automatically digitising paper (scanning) documents and uploading them to Working Folder so that they can be accessed remotely
  • Easily print documents from the cloud using the MFD Control Panel
  • Fully utilise the power of your Fuji Xerox MFD as an on/off ramp to cloud. Scan, fax, print documents directly to and from your multifunction device

Secure Fax Service

  • Save time and respond to customer orders/queries faster by automatically digitising inbound faxes and routing them to Working Folder
  • Give your mobile workforce immediate access while on-the-road access to inbound fax communications

Docushare Integration

  • Enable your IT to easily balance business demands of information accessibility with confidentiality and security, by publishing selected Docushare collections directly to Working Folder.
  • Allow your mobile enabled workforce to access authorised company information without compromising internal security policies.
  • Extend the functionality and accessibility of your company document management system without excessive costs or IT investment


  • Allow multiple collaborators work on a single document, without the risk of over-writing others changes or contributions.
  • Easily share the same document with team members in different location or even external partners

Version Control

  • Ensure the latest version of a document whilst retaining a history (up-to 5) of past changes
  • Easily share the same document with team members in different location or even external partners

Email Notifications

  • Provide staff notice of new/changed documents so they can be actioned quickly for improved customer service and response.
  • Be notified anytime/anywhere of incoming fax or scanned documents

(Authentication, Access Control Filtering, etc)

  • Control who can access your company information, and what they can do with it (Read, Edit/Change) with multi-tiered access
  • Monitor who/when/what information users do with your company information with the inbuilt access-log.
  • Easily share documents to external collaborators via email for a limited period of time
  • Multiple layers of security (user/device/etc) provide assurance that your information is only viewed by those you allow to view.
  • Securely control which mobile devices are permitted to access your company information with Device ID & IP filtering

Data Encryption

  • All information that is transferred to and from the Working Folder service is encrypted so that it cannot be intercepted over public networks.
  • All information stored in the data-centre is automatically encrypted (AES) so that it is protect from unauthorised access.

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Use Working Folder cloud storage to provide additional assurance that your information is always available even during a power-outage, company Internet connection is off-line or hardware failure.
  • Working Folder is hosted in a Tier 4 Data Centre for high availability through a combination of backup and redundant systems.


Item Description
Web Browser Windows® Internet Explorer 8, Windows® Internet Explorer® 9, Windows® Internet Explorer® 10, Mozilla® Firefox®[ESR 17/18/19/20]
(Windows), Safari 5.1, Safari 6 (Macintosh)
Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition [Service Pack 3], Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional [Service Pack 3], Microsoft® Windows Vista®
Business [Service Pack 2], Microsoft® Windows Vista® Enterprise [Service Pack 2], Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate [Service Pack 1]
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional [Service Pack 1], Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium [Service Pack 1]
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Enterprise [Service Pack 1], Microsoft® Windows® 8, Microsoft® Windows® 8 Pro, Microsoft® Windows® 8 Enterprise
Mac OS X v10.7 Lion, OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion
Colour MFD ApeosPort-IV C5570/C4470/C3370/C3371/C2270(*1 *2), ApeosPort-IV C7780/C6680/C5580(*1), ApeosPort-IV C4430 (*1)
ApeosPort-IV C5575/C4475/C3375/C3373/C2275, DocuCentre-IV C5575/C4475/C3375/C3373(*3), DocuCentre-IV C2265/C2263(*3*5)
Mono MFD ApeosPort-IV 5070/4070/3070(*1), ApeosPort-IV 7080/6080, DocuCentre-IV 7080/6080(*4)
Mobile Devices

iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd/4th generation), iPad Mini, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd/4th/5th generation)
Andriod Multi-touch screen: 1,280x768 pixels or more

Mobile OS

iOS 5.0, iOS 5.1, iOS 6.0, iOS 6.1
Android 2.2 / 2.3 / 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.2 / 4.0

*1 External Access Kit is required.
*2 Supported ROM version: 1.104.x
*3 Scanner Kit is required.
*4 Extension System Memory (2GB) is required.
*5 Printer Kit and Scanner Kit are required.
*6 Please note that not all hardware terminals are being tested.
**Touch operation for Windows 8 is not supported.

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