3D Printers

Professional 3D systems for all business sizes

To conceptualise is one thing - to then hold that product in your hands is quite another. 3D printing allows your team to think quickly, act now and reduce costs.

From inception, conceptual design and product development through to manufacturing, Fuji Xerox offers FDM and PolyJet 3D printers designed for your business.

Idea Series

The Idea Series achieves greater equality by supplying professional 3D printers to individuals and teams, advancing creativity.

Revolutionise your experience with first class 3D printing at a reasonable cost.

Design Series

Ever tested your prototype before sending to production? Then you understand its value.

Reduce turnaround time and improve quality through building prototypes in-house with Design Series 3D printers.

Production Series

Reimagine your factory from the ground up.

The Production Series is built to unify manufacturing while amplifying possibilities - managing the bulkiest prototypes and accurate low-volume parts with agility.

Dental Series

Our 3D printing solutions are designed for practically all dental requirements as the outlook for dentistry is digital. With state-of the-art digital dental technology, advantages are increased capacity, rapid turnaround, effortless workflow and pleased patients.

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