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Commitment To Quality Environment

Fuji Xerox Australia first gained Quality Accreditation in 1992 and is currently certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Our commitment to Quality not only extends to our management system but also to our concern for the environment. As a company we recognise the importance of Global Sustainability and have therefore obtained ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Systems Management for all of our sites around Australia. Our environmental targets are determined by assessing our impacts and with guidance from our parent company.

To find out more about our environmental performance you can download our sustainability report or for more information on our environmental practices view our environmental policy.

Commitment To Quality

Fuji Xerox Australia Environmental Policy

As a fundamental component of its commitment to exemplary corporate citizenship Fuji Xerox Australia is committed to the protection of the environment and the continuous improvement of its performance in the reduction of environmental impacts. This commitment applies across Fuji Xerox Australia's business covering the supply and support of document processing equipment and software and the provision of analogous services.

As part of this commitment Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Limited:

  1. Comply with ISO 14001 the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems.
  2. Actively market eco-friendly products and consumables, promoting reuse and recycling via the resource recycling systems of Fuji Xerox.
  3. Work to prevent pollution and to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance by controlling, reducing or eliminating all harmful releases, the use of hazardous and toxic materials and waste discharges, to the extent that proven technology will allow.
  4. Establish programmes to achieve agreed environmental targets and objectives. Such programmes will include green purchasing and the education of all employees to enable them to work in a manner which maximises protection of the environment.
  5. Plan for and conduct site operations in a manner that safeguards health, whilst minimising environmental impacts and optimising resource utilisation.
  6. Comply with Fuji Xerox and Xerox manufacturing accreditation standards and all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  7. Participate in appropriate industry wide initiatives for the protection of the environment led by government or by industry representative bodies.
  8. Communicate regularly with employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, interested third parties and the public, to heighten awareness of environmental issues and to encourage active participation by all in striving for the achievement of environmental objectives.
  9. Establish and maintain remedial contingency plans to deal effectively with emergencies, accidental spills and discharges.
  10. Promote this commitment by making copies of this policy and the annual Fuji Xerox Australia Sustainability Report freely available to staff and the public.

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