Green Print Clinic

Attend one of our Green Print Clinics and learn how you can get started on sustainability with the basics of greening print.

Why green print?

Many organisations do not know how much they spend on print, but when you scratch the surface, the cost and environmental impacts can be considerable. Office workers on average produce 10,000 pages per person per year; Gartner has found that cost reductions of 10-30% are easily achievable in an efficient print environment. At this Green Print Clinic workshop, we will explain the basics of print efficiency, why your organisation should do it and how it can be done. We will give you the tools to perform a simple baseline assessment of the print landscape in your organisation, as well as tips to help you get started and see some immediate improvements. You will also receive some key resources that apply to the management of many environmental issues from setting targets to establishing committees. Attendees will walk away with quick wins as well as new knowledge to drive long term sustainable change in your organisation.

Who should attend?

Organisations starting out on sustainability which want to learn the basics of greening print will benefit from the Clinic.

If you are wondering how to make print more efficient and get your staff engaged on the sustainability journey then this event is for you.

Event details


What is Green Print
Why Green Print and case study
How to Green Print
• Check up (group work)
• Taking Action
• Review and continuous improvement
• Stakeholder engagement
• Case study
Next steps and how can Fuji Xerox help
Wrap-up and evaluation

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