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ApeosWare Managemenet Suite 2

Take control of office print and document management

Simplify, automate and transform print and document management processes

A smarter way to take control of office print and document management complexity.

Digital transformation presents a radically new way of doing business – one that’s impacted virtually every task, activity and process.

With Fuji Xerox’s ApeosWare Management Suite, businesses can maximise the benefits offered by the shift to digital by reducing printing cost and unnecessary complexity which may lead to gains in workplace efficiency and productivity.

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Printing is an essential component of business operations, so it makes sense to deploy an appropriate fleet of printers to handle the task. While this comes at a cost, running an unmanaged and uncontrolled print environment is a sure recipe for lower productivity, printing bottlenecks, choking workflows, wasteful print practices and escalating costs.


Smart businesses tackle the problem head-on by embracing an intelligent print management strategy. By doing so they soon appreciate their ability to generate a more streamlined business, and as a result, higher profits. Now is the time to simplify and streamline your business with ApeosWare Management Suite.

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  • Improve search ability of business documents
  • Improve process productivity
  • Faster response to customers
  • Improve document security and compliance
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  • Centralised management of devices 
  • Warnings based on admin defined parameters
  • Streamline & centralise admin
  • Automatic notifications
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  • Gain a detailed view of total document processing and output usage/costs
  • Uncover hidden and unnecessary costs
  • Making users and departments accountable for their use


Fuji Xerox pushes you ahead with cutting edge tools. Find out how you can create a Simply Managed Business.

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