Our commitment

You’ve changed, so have we.

As you adapt to meet new demands, we’ve transformed our business too. We’ve always had leading technology and a keen sense of how to make the most of it. Now we not only show you how to do it, but do it for you.

We like to understand what you wish to achieve, and work alongside you as you reach to meet your business goals.

We can provide full document management solutions so you can work smarter, concentrate on your core expertise and grow your business.

Helping our customers achieve sustainable outcomes through our solutions, services and products is also important to us, alongside improving our own sustainability.


Our focus

We understand documents. They are the key to knowledge building, upon which business decisions are made. This understanding assists our clients to leverage the potential of both paper and electronic media.

Our expertise in documents and workflows will help you to work smarter and streamline your business processes.


Why work with Fuji Xerox Australia?

We provide business solutions essential for our customers to focus on their core business. This is achieved through a broad portfolio of document technology, services, software and supplies, With awards from the United Nations and the Banksia Environmental Foundation, Fuji Xerox Australia is well recognised for its commitment to sustainability. We have been able to help our customers’ achieve higher productivity, cost effective and more sustainable outcomes across many industries. Read here what they have to say.


Who is the Fuji Xerox Group?

Fuji Xerox Co Ltd (Japan) is a subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation of Japan (75% ownership) and Xerox Limited of the USA (25% ownership).

Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Ltd is an affiliate of Fuji Xerox Co Ltd (Japan), owned by Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Singapore).

Upstream Print Solutions Australia Pty Ltd (Upstream) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Australia, and one of Australia's leading managed print services providers.

Fuji Xerox Co Ltd distributes Fuji Xerox and Xerox products and services throughout the Asia Pacific region with operations in Japan, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In Australia, we work closely with Fuji Xerox Printers, our Sydney based sister company.

In Australia, FUJIFILM products are distributed by FUJI FILM Australia Pty Ltd.

Key Facts

  • Fuji Xerox Staff Strength: 45,3971
  • Staff Strength in Australia: 8281
  • Strengths in: Innovation, Technology, Customer Service, Sustainability
  • ISO 90012 since 1996
  • Achieved Australia Quality Class3 in 1998
  • ISO 140014 certified in 2004
  1. As of 2016.
  2. ISO 9001:2008 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organisation needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  3. Launched in 1997, Australia Quality Class (SQC) is the certification for the overall business excellence standard. Based on the internationally bench marked business excellence framework, the SQC provides organisations with a holistic model for managing a business for excellence. It has 7 categories, namely, Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Processes, Customers and Results.
  4. ISO 14001:2004 specifies requirements for an environmental management system to enable an organisation to develop and implement a policy and objectives which take into account legal requirements and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes, and information about significant environmental aspects. It applies to those environmental aspects that the organisation identifies as those which it can control and those which it can influence. It does not itself state specific environmental performance criteria.