Innovation, the currency of the future

Leadership through innovation.

Investing in ideas.

Every year, Fuji Xerox invests more than US$1 billion in the research and development of leading-edge document processing technology and products. 

The innovative award-winning products and solutions we develop are designed to transform how you do business. We take your future success very seriously. 

Innovation, the cornerstone of our business

Fuji Xerox builds on innovation. We convert opportunities into strengths for our clients. We look at the technology in the market and the way your customer’s behaviour evolves and transform the findings into very real business gains for a highly competitive world. 

We have 50-years of innovation and experience behind us. Our future-facing commitment to our clients is to maintain the same level of technological momentum we are already renowned for. 

A future focussed on change

True innovation reflects not only improving how you can work now, but anticipates and prepares for the impact of future market trends.

We can’t say it enough – innovation underwrites business transformation. From changing how we perceive and manage office printing, to enabling production print businesses to maintain relevance in a digital world. From understanding the new paradigm of personalised marketing, to optimising the flow of information through your business. We are already thinking years ahead.

We’re committed to developing the technology solutions you need to thrive, compete, grow and transform.

The Xerox Innovation Group explores the unknown, invents next-generation technology and creates new business and shareholder value through its five worldwide research centres and associated operations.

Xerox Innovation Group scientists invent new technology. Its patent experts help secure intellectual property. Managers delivering the technology to Xerox business groups use the Group to help found new businesses, or to create licenses to outside companies to bring value to their products.

Fuji Xerox collaborates with research and technology activities conducted in the United States, Canada and Europe.
XRCC is Xerox's materials research centre, creating a flow of leading-edge imaging materials from research concepts to supplies solutions. Founded in 1974, XRCC and its partners leverage core competencies in materials design, synthesis, characterisation, evaluation and scale-up to deliver environmentally sound materials and processes that support higher-quality and lower-cost colour and monochrome printing.
Imaging and Services Technology Centre – New York, United States.

The Imaging and Services Technology Centre, founded in 2003, is the focal point for Xerox's core competencies in digital imaging and in document solutions and services.

Wilson Centre for Research and Development - New York, United States.
Founded in 1960, the Wilson Centre attained international recognition for its pioneering work on xerography, which provided the technical and patent basis for Xerox imaging products from the 60s to today. It continues to discover new ways of putting images on paper, and other media, and of enhancing images electronically.
Founded in 1993, XRCE guides Xerox research activities in Europe. The centre coordinates research, engineering and the TeXnology Showroom - a customer showcase for Xerox research and a technology exchange forum. The centre also develops connections within the wider European scientific community through collaborative projects and partnerships.

Palo Alto Research Centre – Palo Alto California, United States.

PARC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xerox and an integral part of their strategy for long-term research investment. Founded in 1970 as part of Xerox Research, PARC was incorporated in 2002 as an independent research business. As the birthplace of technologies such as laser printing, Ethernet, the graphical user interface and ubiquitous computing, PARC has an established track record for transforming industries and creating commercial value.