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As you are aware, Fuji Xerox Australia has been monitoring and preparing for the potential impact that COVID-19 could have on our teams, on you and on the continuation of supply of services and consumables. Like you, our first concern is for the health of employees and their families, customers, business partners and the communities in which we work. As such we have been taking proactive, company-wide precautionary measures across all our business activities.

While we are committed to continuing service and support to all our customers, I wanted to bring you up to speed with what we are doing to protect our people, your people and your supply of services and consumables.

Fuji Xerox continuation of service to customers

  • Not only are we committed to continuing to service and support our customers, but we are working with them to align our business continuity planning. This planning is first and foremost with the health and safety of our customers’ employees and our own people as our priority.
  • The Fuji Xerox Australia’s risk control team for COVID-19 continues to review policies and safety guidelines for employees while at the same time monitoring the direction given by local authorities and our parent organisation. If, for whatever reason, any changes impact our ability to deliver service and support to customers, we will advise them immediately.

Fuji Xerox supply of equipment and consumables

  • Fuji Xerox has resumed manufacturing and sales operations in China and is adhering to the instructions of Chinese authorities and local government agencies.
  • We expect to maintain a stable supply of products to our customers by manufacturing the products that are currently in plan. However, we will be in contact if a situation arises where adjustments to product supply needs to take place.
  • To ensure all customers have the supplies they need to continue business as usual, we are equitably distributing toner and will not be allowing stockpiling.

Supply to customers who have reported cases of COVID-19 or who have temporarily shut down operations and are operating remotely

  • In the event a customer has reported cases or is operating remotely, Fuji Xerox will work with that customer to arrange continuation of supply and to align with its business continuity plan.

Extra protection for Fuji Xerox people visiting your site

  • All customer facing employees are continually being issued with gloves, masks and hand sanitiser as those supplies are made available to us.
  • All staff are asked to report to their manager if they are at risk of contracting COVID-19 and those staff will be asked to follow government and health authorities’ instructions.
  • Couriers have put in place measures to minimise contact with customers when delivering goods to your sites such as new procedures for proof of delivery signatures.
  • In order to support our customers, we ask you to notify us of any risks to our employees attending your site to support you. All customers are reminded of their WHS obligations to notify of potential hazards in their workplace.

What Fuji Xerox has done internally for our employees:

  • While it is important that we continue to service our customer needs please understand our first business priority is the health of our people. As such we have taken the following actions:
  • Appointed a dedicated risk control team to review all scenarios and ensure we have contingency plans in place to cover supply chain, facilities, customers and, of course, our people.
  • Taken a safety-first approach with all employees i.e. should anyone display any symptoms, no matter how mild, they should take the necessary precautions and not come to work.
  • Postponed a large internal event requiring domestic travel for employees.
  • Provided employees in every facility with the latest hygiene updates.
  • Installed hand sanitiser in all locations.
  • Reviewed all travel arrangements including postponement of all international travel and non-critical business domestic travel.
  • Set up company-wide flu vaccinations in April (these are normally provided each year prior to the flu season).
  • The risk control team for COVID-19 will continue to update the business on any changes to health, hygiene, supply chain and business continuity planning.
Please continue to communicate directly with your Fuji Xerox account team and if there are any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via the form below.
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