FX Direct

Functions of the Online Purchase Service

Registered users of multifunction device services can apply (purchase/sign-up) for the software cloud services and solutions provided by Fuji Xerox via Fuji Xerox Direct.

This is convenient because the user can make an online application at any time to add licenses or easily change a contract.

FX Direct

FX Direct

Every authorized purchaser are able to purchase any service or any application on Online Purchase Service.

What is "Authorized purchaser"? It means:

1) Customer who has Fuji Xerox Direct account and,
2) This Fuji Xerox Direct account has been registered as an authorized purchaser on Online Purchase Service.
If you have any question, you can ask via "Contact Us".

Category Product Name Sale on Online Purchase
Cloud Service Working Folder
Scan Translation
Cloud On-Demand Print
Device Log Service
Software DocuWorks 8 ×
DocuWorks Tray 2 ×
DocuWorks Extended
Folder for Scan Translation Service
DocuWorks Extended
Folder for Working Folder
Management Console
Fuji Xerox Direct

Flow of Purchasing and Sign-up

FX Direct

  • To use the Online Purchase Service, it is first necessary to register an user application account.
  • A notification e-mail will be received when the registration is complete. Quotations for the desired products, purchasing/concluding a contract can be performed from the "Select Product" page link of the service the customer has applied for.
  • When the purchase/contract conclusion process is complete, an e-mail indicating the start of service usage will be received. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to download the product or start using the cloud service.

Introduction to Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console

The "Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console" software available from the Online Purchase Service can be used to easily download and install software for utilizing multifunction devices and software for linking with cloud services.

"Add-on type multifunction device applications" that can be downloaded and installed from the Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console are displayed on the right side of the screen.
When using a Fuji Xerox cloud service, "Cloud service linking software" that can be downloaded or installed is also displayed in the Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console.

FX Direct

Category Product Name Sale
MFP Applications
(Charge applications)
Server-less on Demand Print Kit
Server-less Authentication Kit
Scan Delivery Kit
Connect to : for SharePoint
Connect to : for use with Salesforce
Connect to : for SkyDesk CRM
Connect to : for Intelledox
DocuShare Scan and Print 7
MFP Applications
(Free of Charge application)
Easy UI Solution
Scan Auto
Easy Store to Folder
Smart Card Registration
Job History Export Tool
Connect to : for SharePoint 30days Trial
Connect to : for use with Salesforce 30days Trial
Connect to : for SkyDesk CRM 30days Trial
Connect to : for Intelledox 30days Trial
Cloud On-Demand Print Linkage
Scan Translation Service Link to Device (SSO)
Working Folder Link to Device(SSO)
Cloud Service Hub


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