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3 Tips on Buying the Best Printer for Your School

The education industry is one of the most paper reliant. Between printing student documents and administrative paperwork, it will continue to consume a considerable amount of paper into the foreseeable future.

For tertiary education IT Decision Makers (ITDMs), this means it is critical to choose a reliable printer that can meet your institution’s printing needs while also improving staff and student productivity. And as printers are projected to take up to 7% of IT hardware budgets in 2020, it is worth exploring how to choose the best  and most cost-effective printer for your institution.

Following the paper trail in education

If you’re a decision maker at a university, TAFE or registered training organisation, you probably face a diverse range of needs from many stakeholders. Here are some of the most important considerations when choosing a new heavy-duty printer:


As an ITDM, you have more important things to do than manage printer breakdowns or fix printer jams. Working with peace of mind means working with a printer that can reliably print thousands of documents without breaking a sweat.

An underperforming printer will lead to frustrated educators unable to print tests, or snaking lines of students waiting to print notes. A durable printer which can quickly print high volumes will prevent many of these worse case scenarios, and avoid bringing negative attention to IT.


The education system is centered around its students, students that rely on a diverse range of physical booklets, notepads and print outs to learn. And when you factor in the administrative paperwork of schools and textbooks from publishing houses, an IT department in the education industry will need a flexible, multifunctional printer.

By choosing a printer with a rich variety of post-processing features that supports many finishing styles, an ITDM can support their different stakeholder requirements while markedly improving productivity. Additionally, a printer with an easy to use interface, with remote support for machine usage, would ensure that each stakeholder can print their documents efficiently and without depending on IT’s assistance.

Print Quality

Perhaps the most important aspect of choosing a printer, is maintaining high print quality. Clear, concise printouts are essential for educators and students, particularly for highly technical subjects like physics, engineering and medicine. This is because diagrams and illustrations are key to learning these complex courses. 

Make hardware work for you: the best printer for education instituitions

If paper is the lifeblood of your school, your printer is the heart. If it fails to keep up with the heavy demand, things start to go horribly wrong. Fuji Xerox has designed a high-quality printer specifically for the rigorous needs of the education industry, to reduce your maintenance expenses and improve workplace productivity. Learn more about the ApeosPort-VII C7788 series here

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