Faced with volatile markets and an uncertain economic climate, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) need to work even smarter. It is becoming increasingly vital for businesses to focus on turning bad situations into advantageous ones.

Cutting costs through automation, adopting radical business operations (such as making your workforce mobile), and going green may help businesses stay competitive. Yet, more can be done to give your business a competitive edge. See how your business can simplify your processes with these solutions.

The power of streamlining

A whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. Similarly, having your organisation’s business systems seamlessly integrated like a well-oiled machine allows for the easy access of information, with the added benefit of regulating key processes increasing productivity in the workplace.

Through the implementation of solutions that enable direct access to an integrated multi-function device, time wasted on manual processes can be limited and the risk of human error involved can be significantly reduced. Time saved can then be more usefully redirected towards increasing the organisation’s productivity levels.

Work and collaborate anytime, anywhere

The mobile office worker idea has been in place for decades, but the support infrastructure has been sorely lacking. Solutions, while available, do not come fully-assembled straight out of the box, and it may require some IT knowledge to integrate multiple-brand solutions. Fortunately, with the right mix of traditional IT, cloud-use and mobility, employees are able to access the information and data they need to collaborate and create instant value with greater ease.

Cloud-based document service

Digitise, secure and share documents on the cloud using Fuji Xerox DocuShare Flex, a cloud-based document management that enables teams to collaborate as documents are accessible from multiple locations and allows them to continue development on the latest work-in-progress files. Workers can even access it on-the-go, almost like a virtual filing cabinet for documents shared on the cloud – so deadlines stay intact. For such a robust collaboration, data protection is key, and DocuShare Flex provides maximum exposure without compromising security.

Mobility solutions

If your company already has some of the infrastructure in place, Fuji Xerox also provides piecemeal solutions (and the expertise) to complete your mobile workforce framework. Be it the scanning, printing and sharing of documents easily and securely out of satellite offices, or the receiving, editing and sending of documents from mobile devices (iOS or Android), Fuji Xerox has a range of solutions that meet your needs. Ask about our Mobile Print for Business solution that can help your company stand out.

Saving money and the environment

The benefits of adopting an accredited environmental friendly office have been celebrated since its inception. But do we really know how going environmental can help your business’ bottom line?

The most basic understanding is that if you switch out your bulbs and lamps for low energy ones, you will save money. Cutting down paper by digitising your processes is another way to save funds, but the financial benefits of going green can also come by way of cash injections.

For the office environment, you can look out for MFDs that come with Eco Mark certification, which ensure that they consume less energy, boast quicker wake-up times, and employ smart energy management when it comes to power usage.


With a slew of options directed at increasing productivity, reducing organisational inefficiencies, and tightening purse strings, SMEs can look towards Fuji Xerox solutions to turn every opportunity into growth in order to stay ahead of the game.

For more information on how Fuji Xerox can help your company, contact us today or visit our range of office solutions.