effective communication

Effective communication between parents, teachers and students while remote learning.

Written by Emma Morgan, Industry Marketing Manager at Fuji Xerox Australia.


Remote learning has forced schools to accelerate their digital transformations. There is no one-size fits all approach to remote learning. Some students have learnt from printed worksheets, provided to them at home. Others have been taught in completely online classrooms with teachers providing real time feedback on their learning.

Whatever the approach, the common theme I have found to remote learning success is great communication between parents, teachers and students. Communication needs to foster a common understanding of the outcomes to be achieved and rules of engagement. This is an area that Fuji Xerox are passionate about helping our Education customers with.

I spoke to one teacher who was spending half their day responding to parent emails around tech issues. This meant they were not able to spend the time needed to plan lessons for their class. Is this admin work the best way for teachers to spend their time? There must be an easier way?

State Education departments have developed guidelines to assist schools in communication with parents and carers (Victorian Department of Education and Training for example). The tools needed to communicate effectively, are not always available at the schools though. This is where Fuji Xerox can help.

In June I attended a webinar presented by EduTech that provided a great example of what good communication looked like. “The Why of Change” , showcased a large Melbourne based school. Their online learning program had been designed to ensure that parents and students felt comfortable. They offered dedicated tech support hotlines and after dinner webinars to help parents guide their children’s learning with the support of teachers.

With most students back in the classroom, now is a great time for schools to reflect on how they can improve communication. Younger generations are natural communicators, with many channels handheld concurrently. If teachers and parents can be helped to adopt similar styles, then there is benefit for all. Fuji Xerox has experts that can help your school assess your communication needs. Then provide recommendations and tools to optimise your communication.

Hopefully a long-lasting change from this time spent remote learning, will be better communication and support for everyone.

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