How your business can take mobile print to the next level

Inspired by a Xerox corporation blog published on March 1, 2018

By now, nearly every business has either enabled or considered enabling their employees to work remotely – whether from 9-5 or just while they’re on the road. Mobile is increasingly becoming the way we work, and it’s happening fast. An article published by The New York Times revealed that more employees are working remotely than ever before. In fact, by 2020, mobile workers will make up the majority of the workforce, and here’s why.

Whether you’re a business owner or you’re just entering the workforce, the growth of mobile as a way to work is great news for everyone. Research has overwhelmingly shown that mobile is good for business. It can limit absences, increase productivity, and even help your business save money. By eliminating location requirements, you are able to widen your pool of applications when seeking employees. It even has a positive impact on employee satisfaction. But most importantly, mobility plays a critical role in your digital transformation, which has the potential to open you up to new levels of productivity and security.

Building a mobile print strategy can seem daunting. Whether they’re on the road or working from a remote office, your employees need to have the ability to access stored business documents like contracts and invoices, and to print or to scan from anywhere, at any time.

A comprehensive mobile strategy for your business should incorporate both document processes and mobile workflows – and establishing both is easier than you think, with the right support.

Mobile and cloud technologies have transformed the way we store and share information, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. By employing the right mix of devices, connectivity, and processes you can harness the power of mobility to boost your business, starting right now.

Introducing Fuji Xerox Cloud On-Demand Print

Operate in the new world of working where your environment is flexible,

with seamless connectivity so you can truly be more mobile, with the freedom to work from anywhere with the flexibility to print from any office or satellite location.

Upload files to a cloud server without the need to configure any PCs or mobile devices; and collect printed documents from a Fuji Xerox multifunction printer when you are physically in front of it.

For confidential documents, set access pins before other users can release the print job. For additional security, maintain an operation log of “who” printed “what” and “when”.

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