Driver of change

Drivers of Change

A data-driven strategy connects the different points across the citizen's journey such as citizen experience, sales, product development, technical support, human resources, communication, records management and governance. The linking of data with content creation and performance, and employees and citizens with the various government agencies is the future of citizen engagement. The challenge facing many governments is the different maturity levels of an enormous ecosystem that serves their people. A government's digital maturity is influenced, to a great degree, by its digital strategy.

Too often, government agencies are finding it increasingly harder to deal with the pervasive and expensive problems of security, control, and access in their document-related workflows. So much of a government's decision making and service delivery still remain mired in inefficient, unsecure and wasterful paper-based processes. Tight budgets and conflicting priorities are also part of the problem.

Yet, there are some everyday activities which could be simple gateways for government agencies to streamline their workflows.
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