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The Paper to Digital Transformation

The modern information landscape is marked by a rampantly increasing volume of digital and printed information that requires organisations to look for innovative ways to capture, store, manage, and access these information. As processes evolve to become more digitised, the need for physical storage is reduced but the requirements essentially remain, if not increase to new heights for an effective, user-friendly document capture, storage and online access. Also, new privacy and security requirements put additional pressure on agencies to keep citizen information safe. Protecting data effectively can be complicated by the fact that data takes many forms and is stored in a variety of ways. In fact, the ongoing expansion of data and information suggests government agencies will only face more complex challenges as time goes by.

A strong workflow management governance will be the key to ensure that security and privacy management protocols are maintained to deliver a strong model for government agencies to fulfil their obligations towards a strong, successful future and citizen experience.
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