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Digital Materials


3D Printing using Digital Materials

Digital Materials offer a selection of composite materials with predictable visual and mechanical properties. Digital Materials are created within the 3D printer itself when a small number of PolyJet base resins mix in specific concentrations and structures to supply your desired properties.

Every Digital Material offered has it's basis in several hundred tested combinations of PolyJet base resins. One single prototype that's 3D printed on our advanced Connex3 systems may include a 82 individual material properties, all assemled in a simgle build. Simulation of products like elastomers and rubber is possivle by devising Digital Materials using a full Shore scale A range including: Shore 27, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 85 and 95. Using Digital Materials, standard plastics like production-grade ABS may also be simluated.

Easy support removal

Boost your productivity and amplify your design freedom thanks to easy removal of support material from complex features and cavities. Soluble support material (SUP706) allows removal without hand intervention together with teh benefit of upgraded manual or WaterJet removal. Suitable for every PolyJet material (apart from hearing aid and dental materials) and operates with all Connex3 systems.

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Digital Materials

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Digital Materials