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High Temperature


3D Printing using High Temperature Material

High Temperature material brings together resistance to heat with extraordinary dimensional stability. This material (RGD525, white) may simulate thermal performances of engineering plastics plus it is perfect for test applications like hot-air flow or hot-water flow within pipes and taps.

High Temperature material possesses a heat deflection temperature of 63–67 C at the time of removal from the printer. Thermal post treatment in a programmable oven may raise this temperature to 75-80 C.

High-temperature parts with enhanced performance and function Uniting High Temperature material together with Rubber-like materials achieves changeable Shore A values, gray shades and rigid functional materials with greater resistance to temperature. The composite also permits 3D printing high-temperature parts with over-moding.

Simple support removal
Accelerate your productivity and enjoy greater design freedom thanks to simple removal of support material from intricate features and little chambers. Soluble support material (SUP706) negates and intervetion, plus upgraded manual or WaterJet removal. Suitable for use with with every PolyJet material (apart from hearing aid and dental materials) and is ideal for Connex3 systems.

A wide range of applications

  • Form, fit and thermal functional testing of static parts
  • High-definition parts requiring excellent surface quality
  • Exhibition modeling under strong lighting conditions
  • Heat resistant jigs and fixtures
  • Post-processing including painting, gluing or metallisation processes
  • Models in transit
  • Taps, pipes and household appliances
  • Hot air and hot water testing

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High Temperature

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High Temperature