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PolyJet Materials


3D print in a myriad of materials

PolyJet technology 3D prints in the broadest material range, so you can construct ergonomic tooling, biocompatible surgical guides or realistic prototypes that precisely simulate the finished product.

Models are closely printed in layers as exact as 16 microns that allow complex geometries and flush surfaces. Our product line of materials extends from hard to rubber, opaque to translucent, neutral to coloured and biocompatible to standard.

Select From PolyJet Materials

PolyJet 3D Printers offer an incredible scale of material choices, plus several materials can be combined into one 3D printed model. Try seemingly impossible tasks like simulated overmoulding, flexible prototypes in various colours, ergonomic tooling, or printing diverse parts simultaneously.

Explore 1,000 composite materials with specific, predictable properties thanks to 2-3 base resin combinations. Accomplish a variety of translucencies, hues, Shore A values plus other properties to deliver vivid prototypes as realistic as your end product.

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PolyJet Materials

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PolyJet Materials