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Rigid Opaque


Rigid Opaque Material for 3D Printing

Rigid Opaque material offers superior visualisation of detail in gray, black, white and blue photopolymers. Print appealing and precise prototypes for test fitting of function, even for part that are assembled and movable. This also applies for smooth, accurate jigs, fixtures and manufacturing tooling; silicon moulding works perfectly with the blue shade.

With the Objet30 Pro, Objet30 Prime and all Eden, Connex, Connex1 and Connex2 3D Printers, the Rigid Opaque Vero family includes:

  • Rigid Opaque white material (VeroWhitePlus RGD835)
  • Rigid Opaque gray material (VeroGray RGD850)
  • Rigid Opaque blue material (VeroBlue RGD840)
  • Rigid Opaque black material (VeroBlackPlus RGD875)

For the Connex3 3D Printer, Digital Materials can simulate a various shades through mixing together Rigid Opaque white (VeroWhitePlus) and Rubber-like black (TangoBlackPlus) materials.

Vibrant colour

For Connex3 systems, the Vero family also includes:

  • VeroCyan
  • VeroMagenta
  • VeroYellow
  • VeroBlack
  • VeroWhitePlus (not compatible with Creative Colours)
  • Vero PureWhite, a radiant white 20% more brilliant than VeroWhitePlus with 2x the opacity

This enables a Connex3 system to create a myriad of digital colours, combined within the 3D printer itself. Consolidate as many as 46 dynamic, repeatable fixed colours into a single 3D model for extraordinary freedom of design. Colour materials also mix with VeroClear Transparent photopolymer for attractive translucent colours, and also with Rubber-like materials presenting a variety of tints and toughness.

Simple support removal
Add greatly to your productivity and increase design freedom with easy removing of support material from complex features and diminutive cavities. Soluble support material (SUP706) makes removal a no-hands process, plus revised manual or WaterJet removal. This material suitable for all PolyJet materials (apart from hearing aid and dental materials) and operates with the Connex3 system.

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Rigid Opaque

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Rigid Opaque