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Simulated Polypropylene


Build Prototypes for Polypropylene Products

Select from two PolyJet photopolymers that simulate polypropylene's function and appearance.

Rigur (RGD450) is a stat- of-the-art Simulated Polypropylene material possessing endurance and an attractive surface finish. Emply Rigur to construct tough prototypes rapidly for snap-fit componentry, living hinges and other high performance applications.

Rigur is general use material designed to deliver performance and powerful, dimensionally stable prototype models. Supplied in vibrant, true white with PolyJet technology’s trademark detailed resolution and smooth curves. For additional flexibility, 20 Digital Materials mix Rigur with flexible photopolymers to achieve a line of grayscale tints and Shore A values.

Durus (RGD430) is the original Simulated Polypropylene material, and displays great impact resilience and an elongation at break of forty four percent.

Simple support removal

Boost your productivity and attain more design freedom with the facility to simply remove support material from intricate features and small spaces. Soluble support material (SUP706) allows for hands-free removal, plus upgraded manual or WaterJet removal. Cooperates with with every PolyJet material (besides hearing aid and dental materials) and works with the Connex3 system.

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Simulated Polypropylene

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Simulated Polypropylene