3D Printing usingTransparent Material

Transparent material (RGD720) is a multiuse see-through PolyJet photopolymer designed for the simulation of common clear plastics. It is a combination of great dimensional stability together with smooth surfaces.

VeroClear-RGD810 another transparent material that is fixed and almost colour-free possessing defined dimensional stability for general purposes, intricate model formation and visual simulation of transparent thermoplastics like PMMA.

Translucent rubber-like material is also offered to simulate a variety of elastomer characteristics found in see-through models. When using this together with colour materials within the Connex3 systems, this provides a variety of opacities, tints and toughness.

Clear shades and patterns

Using an Objet Connex 3D Printer, transparent and black materials may be mixed to devise artistic patterns and an assortment of translucent shades. Consolidate transparent and opaque materials, rubber-like or simulated polypropylene within a single model.

Simple support removal
Accelerate your productivity and access more design freedom as support material removal is easily acheived from detailed features and hard to reach cavities. Soluble support material (SUP706) allows removal with no hands, plus upgraded manual or WaterJet removal. This is suitable to use across each PolyJet material (besides hearing aid and dental materials) and operates with the Connex3 system.

A wide range of transparent applications

See-through materials are useful for applications such as:

  • Form and fit testing of clear or transparent parts
  • Glass, eyewear, lighting covers and light-cases
  • Visualisation of liquid transfer
  • Colour dyeing
  • Medical applications
  • Artistic and exhibition modelling

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