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Cloud Service Hub takes working in the cloud to the next level. It helps businesses already in the cloud make their day-to-day operations even more efficient by offering a user-friendly, secure and seamless scan-store-print workflow.



* Need for Print Utility for iOS 2.1 or later, Print Utility for Android 2.1 or later.



An increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) today are using the cloud for file sharing and storage. This brings along technology-related tasks such as syncing information from multiple cloud services, converting hard copy documents into digital formats and more. Many cloud solutions also require multi-step and multi-device processes. These can be challenging and time-consuming for non-IT savvy users, leading to missed opportunities, unnecessary errors and frustrations in team workflow.


SMBs today need to work smarter, respond faster and communicate more effectively to get ahead and stay ahead. Cloud Service Hub enables businesses to consolidate their existing cloud systems into a single interface to reduce confusion, gain efficiencies and transform the user experience. More than just a service to scan, store and share data, Cloud Service Hub can help your business avoid the potential complications of cloud integration so you can elevate your team performance and reap the full benefits of working in the cloud.

Free download from the App Store / Google PlayTM

Download the mobile application from the App Store for free and start using the Cloud Service Hub.

Download "Print Utility V2.1 or later" by clicking the following link banner on your iPhone or iPad.


Download the mobile application from Google PlayTM for free and start using the Cloud Service Hub.

Download "Print Utility V2.1 or later" by clicking the following link banner on your Android tablet or mobile devices.


With Cloud Service Hub, you can save time and reduce miscommunication so that you can focus on what matters most - growing your business and maximising profits.


Cloud Service Hub integrates multiple cloud systems with a single sign-on feature so that you can have a standard interface when collaborating and managing information. To locate your file, all you need to do is enter one keyword instead of sifting through all your folders. In addition, you can scan your data directly to the cloud, and print it out from your computers, laptops, mobile devices and more. With Cloud Service Hub, you'll be able to work better while being confident that you are in sync with your team at all times even when you're on the go - all you need is an Internet connection. Highly scalable, the solution can be right-sized to meet your evolving needs of capturing, digitalising and storing data, so that you can reduce unnecessary bottom-line costs.


Collaborate better
Sharing the latest information within teams is easy with Cloud Service Hub. Team members can conveniently upload content by scanning it from any Fuji Xerox multifunction device in real time, and store up-to-date copies in the shared folder for each other to access.
Retrieve files in a snap
Cloud Service Hub supports the world's most popular cloud services such as Fuji Xerox's Working Folder, Box®, Dropbox®, Evernote®, Google DriveTM, OneDrive / OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. This means that you can access multiple cloud platforms through a single sign-on, as well as scan and print data to and from these cloud services. In addition, you can browse folders from these cloud services through a single search without having to remember where exactly you have stored your files.
Print on the go

In a time where businesses are increasingly relying on smartphones and other mobile devices, being able to operate on the go will give you the upper hand. Cloud Service Hub offers users the ability to print remotely - for example, in business meetings, all you need to do is to access the cloud folder and hit "print" instead of walking to your computer to select the file to print. You can also use Cloud Service Hub to print directly to any Fuji Xerox multifunction device or conveniently print from the cloud via Fuji Xerox Print Utility* to any Fuji Xerox devices connected in the network.

Note: Need for Mobile which has been installed Print Utility under same network as Fuji Xerox Devices.

* Need for Print Utility for iOS 2.1 or later, Print Utility for Android 2.1 or later.  

Save time on converting files
Before sending your documents, pictures and data to print, Cloud Service Hub automatically converts different file formats into PDF files so you don't have to go the extra step. A wide range of file formats - Microsoft Office, DocuWorks, TIFF and JPEG files are supported.
Enjoy high-level data security
With Cloud Service Hub, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe. Data transmission is highly secure, and cloud storage is protected by an SSL certificate, SSL encryption and data centre security compliance.


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