DocuWorks 8


DocuWorks 8

DocuWorks 8 is a document handling application providing easy-to-view document display features and enables smooth document handling, such as searching and editing.

DocuWorks 8 Overview: 

  • DocuWorks 8 is a document handling application unique to Fuji Xerox that allows customers to manage and share information by seamlessly handling electronic documents created with various applications (Microsoft Office, PDF, etc) and paper documents imported from scanners. 
  • DocuWorks provides easy-to-view document display features and enables smooth document handling, such as searching and editing. 
  • DocuWorks enables desktop synchronisation between Fuji Xerox Multifunctional devices and other FX software platforms including Working Folder & DocuShare.


DocuWorks 8 Features:

DocuWorks allows intuitive electronic document handling, such as binding/unbinding or adding notes, as we normally do for paper documents.
DocuWorks 8 is a document portal that enables communication & collaboration required in our daily business activities, such as managing personal document, sharing of information among team members and accessing to business information for mobile workers.

Streamline business workflow:
With DocuWorks 8, workflows are processed smoothly and efficiently.  Incoming customer orders and document sharing with salesperson out of office can be processed immediately.

At your desk: 
Viewing and editing of electronic documents is easy as we do for paper documents.  The new Task Toolbar allows to process routine workflow step-by-step efficiently.  Enhanced search function such as index search and attribute search allows to narrow-down your target document much faster.

In your office (document management): 
Offers various document security options, such as 56-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit password security and protocols for prohibiting printing or editing.  Also offer preview, bind/unbind functions for PDF files, together with DocuWorks file conversion to and from PDF file types.

In your office (workflow): 
The new Clear Folder and Envelope can handle documents of various file formats as one package.  DocuWorks Document Tray Option support document transfer using visual gadget on your PC.

Outside your office: 

  •  DocuWorks offers linkage with Fuji Xerox cloud service “Working Folder”.  DocuWorks desk offers direct access to Working Folder, and documents stored in Working Folder can be easily identified with thumbnail images.  Documents can be moved to and from Working Folder with simple drag & drop operation.
  • With DocuWorks Viewer Light for iPhone/iPad and DocuWorks Viewer Light for Android, DocuWorks files can be viewed from mobile devices.  DocuWorks files can also be edited with Annotation function.



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