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FreeFlow Core


The next generation in workflow solutions from Fuji Xerox

Streamlined, Seamless, Simple

FreeFlow Core is a browser-based solution that intelligently automates and integrates the processing of print jobs, from file preparation to final production, for a touchless workflow that operates easily, adapts effortlessly, scales quickly and delivers consistently.

FreeFlow Core's automation toolset will remove costly manual prepress steps, reducing your costs and reducing the time it takes to get jobs through your shop. Free up your resources from repetitive tasks and move them to higher value jobs.

  • Automating your print processes reduces cost, reduces errors, and all the while delivers consistently higher quality output.
  • Integrating your hardware and software systems seamlessly with your printers will drive your productivity to the next level.
  • Simplify your workflow with a solution that uses an intuitive drag and drop interface to perform even complex operations.


  • Modular architecture – FreeFlow Core includes the base software and also two optional modules, Advanced Prepress and Advanced Automation.
  • Browser-based – This solution runs in standard browsers. This greatly simplifies software installation and management.
  • PDF conversion – Supports multiple PDF formats and utilises Adobe licensed software components.
  • Preflight – Identify and even fix problems at any point during your print process. Produce higher quality output.
  • Imposition – Dynamic imposition engine automatically lays out pages based on printer and job properties.
  • Manifest job processing – Submit a list or manifest of jobs to be printed and FreeFlow Core will process and print each job automatically.
  • Job clustering / batching – Intelligent job management enables value beyond the printer by organising similar jobs for optimal post-press processing.
  • Printer programming – Rules-based logic intelligently routes and programs jobs to get the most out of your printers.
  • JDF/JMF – Full JDF/JMF compliance means a seamless integration with other systems that implement this industry standard for communication. 
Feature Benefit(s)
Connect all your digital investments to reduce your costs Streamline all your systems and print engines with a solution that makes your print assets more productive, day in and day out. FreeFlow Core keeps each job moving to make your organisation super-efficient so you spend less time processing jobs in-house and have more time to build new business.
Configurable and adaptive workflows, to speed through jobs FreeFlow Core is a modular and open, end-to-end workflow solution that automates the entire print production process, for faster turnaround times with reduced error rates. You choose the functionality and configure the solution to perfectly match your workflow requirements. This adds up to greater efficiency. Real consistency. Quicker delivery. And more growth opportunities.
A setup-and-go solution that’s easy to use — and customise FreeFlow Core is browser-based and includes EasyStart workflows to guide users through the process of creating and managing workflows, step-by-step. It hides the complexity of individual operations and workflow programming while it provides easy customisation, with an intuitive graphical user interface. The simple drag-and-drop interface means you don’t need a software engineering degree to create workflows. Now anyone can easily manage incoming jobs and get them done in a fraction of the time.
Seamless integration with your current workflows FreeFlow Core integrates with your current workflows, including web-to-print, order entry, management information systems (MIS) and more. It eliminates manual data entry because it incorporates Manifest Automation from Xerox (MAX) and JMF/XSLT to automate job information.
Modular, scalable and affordable for any size operation Whether your organisation is 3 or 300 people, FreeFlow Core offers a highly-productive, end-to-end workflow solution. It’s available as individual modules, so you can easily add more functionality and create customised, integrated solutions. And if you have multiple print engines and/or Digital Front Ends, there’s no limit to the number of printers you can connect, all at no additional charge.



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